Wordle App and the best Wordle Alternative

Wordle App and the best Wordle Alternative

The Wordle game has become incredibly popular in the last year and for very good reasons, we have discussed everything abut the game in a dedicated article, but here we want to discuss the details about the Wordle app (or the lack of it).

Is there a Wordle app free 🆓?

The short answer is no (but there are alternatives), there isn’t any official Wordle app, the reason can be that the New York Time it’s not interest to send people to an external app but prefers to keep the users on their website where they can play the game.

Wordle Alternative 😜


As stated before, there isn’t any official Wordle app but there are planty of alternative in both the App store and the Google Play store.

On of this is Word Journey a free Wordle app alternative (proudly made by us) that has improved on the original Wordle game idea whit new amazing features.

Wordle Without Waiting 😎

Word Jorney removes the limits of the original Wordle game by giving you the possibility to find as many words as you want and it will take you literally trought a journey because you will unlock amazing scenarios while you progress trought the game.

If you don’t believe me, here is what the users think about the game.


Well, If you a looking for a Wordle experience that you can play right in you phone at any time, then try Word Journey now for free:

What is Wordle❓

Wordle is game that presents you every day with a new word to find, created by Josh Wardle a software engineer based in Brooklyn. Everyday, the people whi decided to play the game are greeted with with a fresh new word/puzzole to solve.

Wordle App FAQ 🏄🏾‍♀️


Here You will find the most question asked on the web regarding Wordle:

Will Wordle cost money now?

I don’t think Wordle will cost any money, the goal of the NYT is to reasonably attract traffic to their website.

Why can't I find the Wordle app?

Because there isn’t any official Wordle app, the official game is played on the browser

Is there Another program/app like Wordle?

There are a lot of Wordle alternatives out there that make you have fun and be entertained. Out best Wordle Alternatie is Word Journey which is a free app alternative.

Where to go from here 🍪:

  1. Play Word Journey if you want to have a nice Wordle experience on your phone.
  2. Go to the official NYT website to play with your browser
  3. Read more about Wordle

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